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Lufthansa to hire more than 500 new flight attendants

Lufthansa to hire more than 500 new flight attendants
Part-time model with two-year limited contract – Deployment from March to October

Lufthansa is hiring new flight attendants at Frankfurt and Munich. According to its latest plans, the company is seeking more than 500 new staff members for the coming year to take up this fascinating job flying around the world on the airline’s route network.

According to this completely new, innovative working model, the new flight attendants will be employed for a full year but will only be on active duty in the summer months in order to meet the increased demand for staff at that time of year. Contracts will run for two years with the option to extend once, up to a maximum of four years. The need for extra staff is due mainly to the use of larger aircraft, such as further Boeing 747-8s at Frankfurt or the replacement of the Airbus A340-300 by the A340-600 at Munich.

The new annual working time model provides an ideal opportunity, especially for students and young professionals, to work as a flight attendant for a specified period of time. The successful candidates will undergo the same twelve-week training as all other Lufthansa flight attendants, and will then be deployed on the basis of a 50-per cent working time model on the airline’s short and long-haul routes. One special feature of this scheme is that the new flight attendants will work a six-month block and then have six months off. Lufthansa will pay their salary and social insurance throughout the twelve-month period.

Source: Lufthansa

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